About This Book

Lifting Stones is an autobiography of sorts; a travel journal where the poet travels in nature and into memories of love, hope, grief, and loss. Steve Jobs once said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect them looking backwards.” In this book, then, the poet connects the dots of his life by looking back along the trail, seeing clearly for the first time, stacking personal, grounded poems like rock cairns left for the next traveler.

What People Say

Stanfield writes with a dignity. He writes with a frank self-respect that is, to borrow his exquisite words, ‘eternally becoming.’”

Mandi Greenwood, Author

He writes of the journey we all take and the memories of those journeys and the lessons learned.

Iffat Shah, Physician and Writer

“I love that amid the clear-eyed Mary Oliver-ish lyricism of Doug Stanfield’s poems, there are lines like: ‘…older men and women bring experienced stupidity to the bed.’ This is the work of a man who has lived, and learned—and continues to do so with both strength and vulnerability. ‘I’m not brave,’ he writes. But he is. ‘I’m tired of being a grown-up,’ he writes. There is no weariness to these poems. They sing. They shine.”  

Lauren Kessler, author of ten works of literary nonfiction

Doug Stanfield grew up in western Ohio as the son of a teacher and a nurse. After many years working in journalism and public relations, he is now retired and writes poetry in western Washington, at the base of the Olympic Mountains. He was a finalist for author of the year with the Annual Spillwords Press Awards in 2019. Lifting Stones is his third book of poetry. Visit his blog, hemmingplay.com. He is the author of several magazine articles and three previous books, two of which are also poetry.